Lamb McErlane

    “I have personal and professional connections to the military. I’m the grandson of two Navy Veterans of World War II, my uncle served in the Army during Vietnam, and my cousin is a Marine who served three tours in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Professionally, one of Lamb McErlane’s founders, Jim McErlane, is a Navy Veteran of the Vietnam War.

    It is imperative that employers do all they can to facilitate Veterans’ transition from military service to the next stage of their professional careers. At Lamb McErlane, we show that we place a premium on candidates’ military experience in hopes of mitigating any concerns that the decision to serve might adversely impact or delay their career goals.

    For these reasons, MVP has become a client for which I have a respect that goes beyond the normal client-attorney relationship.”

    Vincent T. Donohue, Partner, Chairman – Business & Real Estate


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