The Mission

Serving Those Who Have Served

We serve those who have served by investing in the people, ideas and companies that can dramatically improve the lives, careers and businesses of American Veterans and their families.

We believe that Veterans are uniquely suited to be outstanding employees and entrepreneurs. We help them transition their military training and commitment and funnel it into productive enterprises and careers. Everyone who works at Military Veteran Partners has been touched and their lives enhanced by the sacrifice of Veterans. All that we do — the investments we make, the mentorship and training we offer — is in recognition of that fact.

Military Veteran Partners is much more than a Veteran-focused venture fund or capital source. Rather, we are mission-focused on improving the American economy by activating the know-how, dedication and can-do attitude of Veterans.  


Military Veteran Partners finances, develops and partners with those committed to expanding the career or business opportunities of Veterans and their families.


Military Veteran Partners executes our mission by deploying capital, know-how, training, networking and mentorship that provides Veterans and their families broader access to career and entrepreneurial opportunities.


Veterans are uniquely suited to be excellent employees and business owners. Veterans are selfless. Mission-driven. Their military training provides disruptive skills and values to the business world: teamwork, leadership, work ethic, perseverance and the ability to make decisions in time- and resource-constrained environments.

Our Passion

America has much to thank our Veterans for. Our families, our freedom and our good fortune. Military Veteran Partners serves those who have served to honor all that Veterans have done for us.